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martedì 28 gennaio 2020

Tag: Protonterapia

Attualità martedì 12 dicembre 2017 ore 10:05

In ospedale il mercoledì la cura scodinzola

E' partito nel day hospital oncologico e in protonterapia il progetto di attività assistita con gli animali. In corsia cani ma non solo

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28/01/2020 ore 23:47
RT @MilkBone: Life, and football, are more fun with a dog. Don’t miss the #DogBowl on @animalplanet, coming to you Saturday, February 1st a…

28/01/2020 ore 23:30
Sacrificing your own comfort for more than a week is not something just anyone would do. https://t.co/ofTCeAXI43

28/01/2020 ore 23:22
RT @BeARuleBreaker: Join our friends at the @ASPCA to kick off the New Year with healthier, kinder habits! Sign up for their #FactoryFarmDe

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28/01/2020 ore 22:51
Con i nostri dispensatori di pace e amore vi auguriamo la buonanotte, a domani Amici 😘 #salvo #noa https://t.co/FOxcJdGoTh

28/01/2020 ore 22:42
RT @WWF_DG: Congratulations ⁦@PavanSukhdev⁩ for this great recognition! Highly deserved for your genuine passion for #nature matched by you…

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