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giovedì 12 dicembre 2019

Tag: Jack Russell Terrier

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12/12/2019 ore 01:25
The number of lifeless bodies is atrocious 😔 @Petco’s priority is money, and animals are the ones paying the ulti… https://t.co/bJZnazrV0G

12/12/2019 ore 01:24
Another victory - today a federal court blocked the state of Arkansas from enforcing its meat label censorship law… https://t.co/FJwyqvvhGI

12/12/2019 ore 01:05
Beyond the captivating beauty of Luna is a weary lady who craves the peaceful continuity of life in a home. In her… https://t.co/9bcxVPA0DU

11/12/2019 ore 23:59
Across the US, and around the world, #horses are suffering and dying in the name of sport. You can help them by not… https://t.co/ADLOdBQ0xH

11/12/2019 ore 23:52
RT @lagana_riccardo: C'è un'ampia comunità scientifica che da molti anni studia modelli alternativi alla ricerca con animali, purtroppo per…

11/12/2019 ore 23:00
.@ForrestGalante sets out on a history-making expedition for an animal that was declared extinct 25 years ago! 🐆… https://t.co/NP2KRyVPLA

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