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lunedì 22 gennaio 2018

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Qui Blog di Alfredo De Girolamo e Enrico Catassi

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22/01/2018 ore 23:00
Delightful tale! https://t.co/YT8VROCDB7

22/01/2018 ore 22:33
RT @peta2: SO MANY EMOTIONS 😧💓☺️💃🏻😭 @benandjerrys #HalfBaked #CinnamonBuns https://t.co/TbFrDBvfA9

22/01/2018 ore 22:16
Olbia, 22.01.2018 I pistulini crescono e stanno diventando dei veri monellini, così come è giusto che sia vista... https://t.co/gsnRENEQUi

22/01/2018 ore 22:03
#Florida residents - we need your help to pass HB 1305, the FL #Orca Protection Act. Sources tell us SeaWorld is tr… https://t.co/X08D8Q9sUj

22/01/2018 ore 22:00
There are two questions to ask yourself the next time your dog does something bad. 1. ask yourself why she may have… https://t.co/bmicSy11Us

22/01/2018 ore 21:59
Our TEAPSPA Week of Action is here! Find actions to take over the next five days to support TEAPSPA (the Traveling… https://t.co/aMuSdKfG1i

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