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lunedì 18 febbraio 2019

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18/02/2019 ore 00:35
We are so far removed from our “food”—remember that the meat on grocery store shelves was once an individual with f… https://t.co/flip5QP50x

18/02/2019 ore 00:30
Catch this cute as heck chick birth on tonight's episode of The Zoo! Tune in at 8pm ET! #InsideTheZoo https://t.co/2XqwBebWSt

18/02/2019 ore 00:00
And his actions didn't go unnoticed! https://t.co/jAKh6I5b2S

17/02/2019 ore 23:00
February is all about love and Hercules and Vest are 5yr old “brothers”. They do everything together such as go on… https://t.co/5qfvExbZSy

17/02/2019 ore 21:55
Hear WWF’s @Carter_Roberts chat with @SenWhitehouse about his upbringing, how climate change is impacting the fishi… https://t.co/QN6V3132xD

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