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venerdì 19 ottobre 2018

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19/10/2018 ore 23:32
Olbia, 19.10.2018 Come si può avere il coraggio di abbandonare dei cuccioli di nemmeno un mese in aperta campagna?… https://t.co/cw6kHy2flt

19/10/2018 ore 23:30
ICYMI: A PETA exposé revealed sick & injured dogs were bled for cash at Hemopet, a greyhound blood "bank." TWEET a… https://t.co/Gv0so7mFjp

19/10/2018 ore 23:25
Alvin is a four month old Boxer mix who is looking for a loving home with a fully fenced backyard so he can zoom ar… https://t.co/PkkOVfhoSM

19/10/2018 ore 23:01
This is awful... https://t.co/iP0drNJXQW

19/10/2018 ore 23:00
OMG - reserve me a seat on that moving bed! #TreehouseMasters season FINALE tonight at 8P https://t.co/fhbP3drKIq

19/10/2018 ore 22:40
#HurricaneMichael update: search-and-rescue continues in #Florida! To learn how you can help, visit… https://t.co/dat5JtZyZj

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