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22/06/2018 ore 05:00
Turtles need YOU this summer to help them cross the road safely. #SummerSolstice https://t.co/NwswTQX6O2

22/06/2018 ore 04:30
These are great! https://t.co/YPEZDH9YtX

22/06/2018 ore 04:28
RT @climateWWF: Today is an important day for climate policy & the #ParisAgreement. As 23 countries commit to step up their ambition on #cl

22/06/2018 ore 02:30
Pompi is a Feist mix from Tennessee who is sure to steal the show in your life because of his spunk and energy. He… https://t.co/ANSaBxs6Sy

22/06/2018 ore 01:36
Come far bere il proprio cane senza dover riempire sempre la ciotola @LaStampa https://t.co/nt7lulZ6ru

22/06/2018 ore 01:01
Starvation and abuse are some of the struggles street dogs in Afghanistan face on a daily basis. Fortunately,… https://t.co/BgMPAJAdxo

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