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sabato 20 ottobre 2018


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20/10/2018 ore 00:42
“Khaki is not just a color, it’s an attitude.” -@BindiIrwin. #TheIrwins https://t.co/zQBeS8wCTy

20/10/2018 ore 00:19
RT @peta: DEVASTATING! Cornell University is allowing bowhunters into a wildlife “sanctuary” to kill deer. Tell @Cornell that a sanctuary…

20/10/2018 ore 00:01
They found her in a box full of other puppies. She was the only one still alive... https://t.co/ArnZ1DlHY7

19/10/2018 ore 23:48
Missed this year's @AnimalLawCon? Check out a recap of the event (plus a few photos) on our website! #AnimalLawCon https://t.co/nf2ww9eJNF

19/10/2018 ore 23:40
Olbia, 19.10.2018 E' stata soccorsa stamani sulle quattro corse. Uno scheletro, una cagnolina spaventatissima. Che… https://t.co/8rbrsriWZl

19/10/2018 ore 23:25
Alvin is a four month old Boxer mix who is looking for a loving home with a fully fenced backyard so he can zoom ar… https://t.co/PkkOVfhoSM

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